Heres how it works, tonight at 9pm est i will be broadcasting on my livestream while i draw and offering a special kind of digital illustration commission.

The commission made on livestream LIVE so you can watch an receive it instantly via email. The advantage is that you can give me live feedback as I work to get the commission just right! It costs $20 and there is a 30 minute time limit.


I hope you will join me tonight! see you there!


New Blog Again.... sorry guys

So i swear this is the last blog switch! Well, for the next 10 years or so anyway. I tried Livejournal and it wasnt as cool as i remember it being when i was in highschool, so im back to blogger. If your reading this than most likely helloheath.com's make over is complete. Please check it out.


Another big reason why i came back to blogger is because i am starting a jewelry business on the side at etsy.com


Click the link to see my handmade jewelry, and this link below will take you to the official GHT website.


Iv also really gotten into livestreaming, its going to be a regular thing for me so watch out for tweets and journals announcing my broadcasts, or you can just take a peek at the front page of helloheath.com at my embedded stream :-)


I know i have been a little MIA lately, but thats only because Iv been getting a ton of shit ready to better promote / organize myself and my work. And im also moving in a few weeks so life is hectic.
In closing, here is my favorite new piece of artwork iv done, ill do a full body version soon.

My depiction of Ariel...

Started this as an experiment, but it turned into this. I wanted to see how a flatter element (the hair) would look against an element (the face) with more dimension.

I wanted to make Ariel look sickly, BECAUSE come on people, shes a love sick teenager whos in love with someone she REALLY cant be with! Shes rebellious, sad, heartbroken, and confused about life. so i wanted to paint a more real portrait of her. plus, have you seen her waistline? poor girl is starving herself...

dont hate, i love ariel but i wanted to explore giving her some exaggerated features that speak to who she really was at one point in her life

Photoshop CS2

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