Zazzle Disapointment...

So i went to order some new business cards since im looking for new work. And while I was at it i decided i would go ahead and try ordering some buttons to try to sell in my etsy shop... well zazzle went to charge me shipping for the business cards AND the buttons separately, an additional $6.99..... WTF?

Its too late for me to try to figure it out so i just removed the buttons... but seriously... why?

anyway, here is what my new cards for my etsy shop will look like. an YES im totally taking advantage of the fox craze ;-)




Links to Utopia Story Boards

Recently I had the privilege to work under Brent Fasen, creating story boards for a new movie "Links to Utopia". My boyfriend Tad Lambert also worked on them with me. Here are some of my favorites! The movie should be in theaters this summer, and I can't wait to see it!

Behold! My first storyboards as a professional!








Lost My Job...

So some of you may have noticed the recent explosion of art from me on my facebook. Well there is a good reason for that. On Friday last week I lost my job :-(

Im very sad about the whole thing, especially because now it is getting into winter which is a rough spot for us when it comes to finances. Plus the same day I got very bad news about my sister... I really don't want to go into it other then to say that last Friday couldn't have gotten any worse if it tried.

I wasnt planning on staying at this job forever, but i would have much rather liked to have left on my own terms, when i was ready to start seriously looking. The good thing is alot of people should be hiring this time of year.

But im done with the tears now and am trying to press on for my little family, so i took the time to revamp all of my commission examples so that i can keep doing what i do best while i await to get a call back from an interview. So if your interested please dont hesitate to email me! I have lots of spare time :-)

PS: I posted alot of new stuff in my etsy store too! If you make a purchase from there ill throw in some free ACEO cards :-) Just mention your screen name from DA!



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