Life is hectic...

i got in a car accident last week... i hit someone's bumper, no one was hurt, and i was made to believe this wasnt a big deal. apparently i was wrong

it really sickens me how people try to take advantage of the system, and blow things out of proportion in order to try and ruins someone elses life... i wont go into detail, but suffice it to say im pretty pissed off and have lost my faith in mankind right now.... especially certain people in certain professions but i wont say who.

anyway, life goes on i suppose. here is some recent artwork im pretty proud of. i got stuck at one part and almost gave up, but im glad i didnt.

Im also working on updating my website... hopefully this one will finally be good enough to keep me satisfied for more then a year.

i feel like im in a funk, like i have little to look forward to. :sigh:

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