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Bioshock Little Sister Head Turn-Around Animation

I am working on some Bioshock fan art, I know it's not my usual type of work but for some reason the art in that game really inspires me. Not to mention that the story is pretty compelling.
This week for our little animation club I challenged myself to do a head turn-around. (I'm not calling it a head turn because the characters neck doesn't actually turn like a life like movement, its literally a spinning head)
I decided to use a little sister as my model, and here is the result.

Please try not to get sea sick! LOL. Not bad for not animating for a while huh? Its only 8 frames and was output from Photoshop, but I plan to add more in-betweens and make it smoother at a later date. Enjoy!


My Bouncing Ball!

So I made a bouncing ball in photoshop. This is just the beginning of my starting to animate again. I made this in photoshop which doesnt really allow me to mess with the frame rate too much, but ill have toon boom up and running soon :-)

Made using "The Animator's Survival Guide" by Richard Williams


Bouncing Ball Practice...

Here is a bouncing ball i helped Tad make today. There are more pencil tests to come, i just wanted him to see the .gif online :-)



Katarzyna You won the owl necklace giveaway! Congrats to you and everybody else, thanks for participating! If you feel bummed for not winning fear not! I will be doing another giveaway soon and you may get a special extra point if you participated in this last giveaway!


The Bookmarks that took over the world...

So i was FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY on the front page of deviant art!!! Not just for the popular in 8 hours, but also 24 hours, 3 days, and 1 week. It was pretty epic. Here are the little buggers that got me the recognition.

These pokemon bookmarks spread like WILDFIRE! I'm very happy I finally got on the front page, i just wish it had been for some of my personal work... but I'll get there :-)
Now that I have been on the front page I understand what a lot of the popular artists go through and why they complain about the unpleasant side defects of popularity. Stupid questions, insults, trolls, and strangness come in piles. And even though some of it was pretty insulting, i don't care :-) Haters gonna hate!

Im on a bookmark kick right now and im not sure why... here is another one im working on now

I havent been drawing much this week because my awesome besty colleen is visiting, she bought me a patio set!! (pictures later) Anyway more art will come, <3

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