2011 A Year in Reflection

2011 was really freaking hard, but towards the end a lot of drama in my life found resolution. I am hoping that 2012 will be a year of stability, so I can move forward :-)

  • Had to live in tiny ass apartment and since I was home a lot it got quite claustrophobic...
  • Unemployment sucks...
  • Couldn't afford to go to Jersey ... at all... really?? No, twice... but still not enough
  • Stress causing my first panic attacks in years...
  • Car was dead for half the year
  • Couldn't afford shit for Christmas
So now lets end on a good note :-)

  • NEW JOB!
  • NEW TOWN! - still getting used to it though
  • New computer system that makes all my geeky friends drool with red hot jealousy
  • Started my freelance company H&H Studios
  • Had lots of visits from family and friends this year :-)
  • Got to go on a cruise and satisfy my deep seeded casino craving
  • Improved on my art more then somewhat :-)
  • My brother form England visited!
  • Staycation at Disney World, even though we had no money for anything

These were last years goals... lets see how I did

  •  Lose 50 pounds FAIL (actually I did lose 15 but then that damn delicious cruise happened >.< now I'm back where I started)
  • Get amazingly good at character design and animation OK
  • Find the time and money to travel at least once to NJ WIN
  • Save money to move to CA FAIL
  • Get a job actually in my industry, and not settle for something just to pay the bills BIG WIN!
  • Keep being awesome OK

Eh not too bad actually all things considered :-) And here are this years Resolutions.

  •  Lose 50 pounds (FOR REALS!)
  • Get EVEN BETTER at character design and animation 
  • Find the time and money to travel... somewhere
  • Save money to move to CA
  • Get some good animation projects done and start making a new reel
  • Find my artistic niche, what i want to specialize in

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

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