Internet is fixed! Hoo-Hah!

So my internet is finally fixed! and its a good thing too because it was driving me bananas! here is some recent artwork iv recently finished but have not posted here. 
Next blog im posting the story boards from my movie gig! EXCITEMENT!

For deviantart fantasy contest, did not win :-/


Harry Potter, because im slowly becoming obsessed

ANOTHER Deviantart contest i did not win >.<

Logo i made for my friend Matt C


The Life of a Starving Artist - Summer Woes

The Life of a Starving Artist

Life has been interesting lately. My hours at my regular job (at a local TV station) have been cut kinda dramatically. Its strange to come home so early and be able to have some free time. At first all the extra time drove me crazy since i have not had much freelance to fill the time, but iv taken advantage of it to get back in shape and draw as much of my own stuff as i can.

Being able to do more of my own work has released alot of the financial stresses. Im just not freaking out as bad as i normally would be. I guess its because im a little happier doing more of my own drawings and becoming a better artist. Me and Tad got a Wii & Wii fit, and thats been alot of fun to explore and work out with! Soon ill be launching the new design for my website, reworking my commissions... and working on more animation for the first time in a long time.

Soon ill be posting my storyboards from my movie gig here, as well as a TON of new drawings. My internet is really f**ed up because the service signal in our area is really weak. So now i have to wait up to a week to be able to upload things properly.

I also have a ton of artwork iv done in the past few months that i ahvent uploaded here yet... gotta catch up...
and give this blog a makeover...

my "TO DO" list gets longer every day!

Anyway thats all just a little update. summer is almost over and ill be 25 soon! OMG OLD! lol

night yal

Genie Commission for "Phil V"

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