New Fencer Girl!

Hey Guys! Here is the 2nd girl in the fencer series.
I cant wait to get all 5 of them completed! I am really looking forward to arranging them on my wall in some kind of awesome design :-)
View it on Deviant Art here
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Also, here is a tattoo design I recently finished for a client. My first attempt at "Art Nouvoue" What do you think? I loved the idea so I went a little bit overboard with the design but I am very happy with how it came out :-)
View it on Deviant Art here

 Well thats all the update I have for you today! Im going to try very hard to keep up to date with this from now on. You can also start in touch with helloheath and the upcoming H&H Studios on my facebook fan page here

Until next time!


Fencer Sketches

Working on completing my fencer girl series of 5.
It might take a while because I have a lot of client work to finish in the midst of it 0_0
Here is the original fencer girl
Here are the new girls
So far I am knee deep in coloring the one facing forward.
These are gonna all look really awesome all framed up and standing side by side :-)

Which one do you want to see completed first?


Art for a Good Cause :-)

Recently I had the opportunity to commission the great Viet-My Bui to create some custom art for me. The added bonus? The profits from this particular lot of commissions were going to aid Japan!
I asked her to do a Bust of Ling, I would have loved to give more but this was the most I could contribute right now.
Here is the result!
I love her interpretation of my character. I cant wait till I have the time to work on the story again, I have been talking about the story with Tad and trying to iron it down so that I can attempt to make a comic of it. I haven't done comics in a long time so... prey for me :-)
Well, thats all for now, I have lots of new artwork since my last update on my Deviant account you can check out.
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!




You have won the prize of a 8x10 print from helloheath and flower pin by Kimart!
Thanks everyone for participating! If you weren't lucky this time don't fret! A new giveaway will be announced soon enough!
heath-love-& happiness

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