Sorry for the Inactivity... arg

Ok so I got my computer back up and running by replacing the harddrive and just reinstalling everything. Its nice to take windows 7 for a spin as well. So I am back in the saddle! NO MORE LAPTOP YIPPI! But I do want to thank the lovely :icontadzero1085: for letting me use it in the meantime. Thanks everyone for your well wishes and for your support!
So yeah since I have been offline for a while ill be posting discount commission slots to make up for my time away. If you are interested keep your eyes peeled for the update!


So there is a damn good reason for my inactivity lately...
About 2 weeks ago I went away for a funeral. While I was there I decided to stay a little onger to spend some extra time with family since it's been almost a year since my last visit. When I got home I discovered that either my hard drive and or my mother board is fried... so no computer. :-(
Thankfully all my work is backed up on external hard drives, but i am very nerous that my life's work servives on ONE backup ATM. I'm able to use Tad's laptop in the meantime but its very difficult because I was so comfortable on my own machine.
I purchased a new super computer a few months ago and it's not ready yet.. neadless to say I'm a mess!!!
So my page will be a lil slow until things get sorted out, Im taking my computer to some techs tomorrow to see if the problem can be fixed. WISH ME LUCK!

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