New Commission Account

So after much thought and consideration, I have decided to create a new account for all the commissions I do that don't really fit into this gallery. I thought it would be nice to let everyone know before I move them all over :-)

I wont be checking that account all that often, so if you need to reach me this is the place to do it :-)
Please don't think im moving your work out of this gallery because I don't like it. Iv just grown and started a new look to my gallery. And I want my main gallery to reflect that.I know lots of other artists that don't even post commissions so.... consider yourself lucky ;-) This means all stories except the Terratoff one will move. I already have way too many mediums going on here 0_0
Ill still accept and keep track of all of my commissions on this account only! please dont message me at helloheath-commish with commission requests.

Give me about a week or so to get everything transferred please :-)



So one of my favorite artists, Ravenskar, was nice enough to let me color some lineart for her :-) it was a quicky but i love the concept. here it is!

Prints now at my Etsy store!

So iv given the ol' etsy shop a makeover and added in custom artwork commissions, and digital art prints! Prints are only $4.99 plus FREE US SHIPPING! Plus get a free gift with purchase :-)

Wouldnt some commissioned artwork make the perfect gift for your friend? You could commission their OCs for them! Check it out ^^



So i finally finished my dragon for the contest i mentioned in my last blog. Here is the final deviation

Prints Available here
OR you can email me for a deal on a smaller print.

Here are the detail shots, exclusive to the blog!

Please critique? i really pushed myself and i want to improve



So iv moved now so i should slowly begin to be more active online soon. Iv been working on a piece for this contest, and really pushing myself to go above any beyond.

Here are the progress pics so far, theres another one i have not uploaded yet, will probably do that tonight. and then hopefully the next version will be the finished piece!

Also, iv been having problems with procaster and livestream lately. Its been crashing my computer like crazy. im currently defragging and cleaning up my computer so i can be streaming again soon. I really enjoy streaming so it will come back, i promise ;-)


Moving on Thursday

Some of you might have noticed a lack of art recently, thats because im moving on thursday. After we get the apartment set up and everything ill be back online and drawing full force :-) believe me, im dying to draw but simply havent had the time!
....art... i miss you

Heres something im working on for a contest ;-P

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