Well, it has been a looong time since I posted here... and the interface has all change don me! This will take some getting used to. I was on vacation and knee deep in getting back on track with everything after my hiatus, so please excuse the mess!

I just wanted to stop by and update you guys on some things...

1) IMAGEINE FX - I dont think I got into the feature I submitted for, which is ok. The important thing is that I tried, I usually talk myself out of putting forth the effort. So I feel accomplished in that at least :-)

2) H&H Studios - Is going well! The busy season is about to hit which will be good for the biz. I am excited to see what happens!

3) Website Overhaul- www.helloheath.com is getting a little makeover soon, stay tuned.

4) HALLOWEEN! -I need suggestions on what kind of art you would like to see, and if I can find the time I will do something!

5) ARTIST SHOUTOUT! - Recently I was contacted by an artist that was commissioned by one of my clients to color some lineart I did. I wanted to share it here because it's so soft and pretty, and this artist could use some love!

Here are the colored versions by luckynesu
I love colabing with other artists! Check out luckynesu's gallery here

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