As I kissed Tad at midnight last year, under the fireworks at Universal Studios, I had high hopes for the upcoming year, and it was a crazy one indeed...

  • Got laid off
  • Weight loss as of last year = a meager 3 pounds
  • Had to live in horrible apartment complex with monkeys running the place taking all my money at every opportunity
  • Too many computer viruses
  • A certain marriage...
  • Couldn't afford to go to Jersey many times
  • Endless drama and hard times affecting my family and friends that spill over onto me! lol
  • Almost moved into a house, but other parties let us down... even tho i kinda knew it wasnt gonna work out the whole time.
  • Did not get to spend Christmas with my family for the first time ever
So now lets end on a good note :-)

  • Unemployment money
  • Got a new smart phone
  • Worked on my first real storyboarding job for a feature film
  • Got to go to Jersey for my birthday and had some great times, especially with my mom and liz
  • Liz and Colleen came to visit me in FL
  • Won $200 on a scratch off loto ticket
  • Improved on my art somewhat
  • Got to eat monster munch for the first time in years!
  • Christmas at Disney World!!!

This year I will work hard to complete the following goals...

  •  Lose 50 pounds (crosses fingers)
  • Get amazingly good at character design and animation
  • Find the time and money to travel at least once to NJ
  • Save money to move to CA
  • Get a job actually in my industry, and not settle for something just to pay the bills
  • Keep being awesome
Happy New Year Everybody!!!



For my Santa Kitten Bookmarks on the Holiday Gift Guide!

Im in 4th place, but i think i can be the "come behind win"! i just need your votes, only takes 2 seconds :-)


General Update

So i know my blog might not be that popular or anything, but i do appreciate the people who do read it :-) hopefully i can figure out what people want to see here and make it a little more interesting :-)

Anywho, we are finally settled into our new apartment, for the most part. there is still some cleaning up to do. Mostly because we are so cramped and i dont have the space i used to for everything. but the neighborhood is so much more peaceful, it  kinda makes up for it a little.

I have been so stressed lately that some slight medical issues arose and i took a few days off my job hunt and demo reel to unwind.Now i have alot of work to catch up on eep!

My etsy sales were good for a while, but now things have quieted down. I dont seem to get much traffic unless im in the chat rooms of forums that day. its frustrating since iv spent many hours trying to perfect my shop and tags... i guess im just waiting for my "big break"

anywho, i got work to do! ill try to update this more regulary. <3 peace



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So today is a day of good luck, not only did unemployment finally send me some of the money they have been withholding from me, but i am also going to go see harry potter movie today! squeeee!
In my fangirl state i drew this doodle gone array, i spent way too much time on it but... oh well!


We are mooooved

So we just moved into our new place. Because of my issues with unemployment we had to downsize from a 2 bedroom to a 1 and so things are a little cramp right now, but once we are done unpacking and setting up i think it will be more cozy. i got to get things in order now, but ill update soon. 


Easy Tutorial: How to Find your Etsy ID Number

Original, Forum Post HERE
Click the image below for it to open in a new window and use the eyeglass to zoom in! 


Animal sketches

Was feeling inspired yesterday and drew some cute critters!
A red fox...

And a Red Panda

I probably will finish the red fox, not sure about the panda, i tried to use the pose in the reference but his body just came out looking distorted. Anyways, happy halloween!



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New pictures Etsy tips that have worked so far...

So since im un-employed I decided to really try and get my etsy store revamped. First i took all new pictures of my prints in frames, so people could see what they would like like all set up and ready to hang in their homes. Plus in my opinion it adds "front page appeal". It's rare that I see flat artwork on the front page, I think photographing them this way allowed me to play more with angles and framing, etsy loves interesting photos on the FP.

Then i read on a forum somewhere how the first 2 words in the title and descriptions of your listings are so important, that google sees those first 2 words. It also said that you should repeat those keywords from your title in your description. im not talking about "title tag stuffing" more like, smart titling... like this listing here

Anyway, since iv revamped everything iv been getting a few hearts a day pretty steadily and it wasnt like that before. Iv also been tracking my views and hearts at statsy.org and see improvment there too...

hopefully i will have a sale soon cuz iv been unemployed for 2 weeks now... and it sucks. id really like to be able to have some real profit come from this and not just have a pretty store on the web.


Zazzle Disapointment...

So i went to order some new business cards since im looking for new work. And while I was at it i decided i would go ahead and try ordering some buttons to try to sell in my etsy shop... well zazzle went to charge me shipping for the business cards AND the buttons separately, an additional $6.99..... WTF?

Its too late for me to try to figure it out so i just removed the buttons... but seriously... why?

anyway, here is what my new cards for my etsy shop will look like. an YES im totally taking advantage of the fox craze ;-)




Links to Utopia Story Boards

Recently I had the privilege to work under Brent Fasen, creating story boards for a new movie "Links to Utopia". My boyfriend Tad Lambert also worked on them with me. Here are some of my favorites! The movie should be in theaters this summer, and I can't wait to see it!

Behold! My first storyboards as a professional!








Lost My Job...

So some of you may have noticed the recent explosion of art from me on my facebook. Well there is a good reason for that. On Friday last week I lost my job :-(

Im very sad about the whole thing, especially because now it is getting into winter which is a rough spot for us when it comes to finances. Plus the same day I got very bad news about my sister... I really don't want to go into it other then to say that last Friday couldn't have gotten any worse if it tried.

I wasnt planning on staying at this job forever, but i would have much rather liked to have left on my own terms, when i was ready to start seriously looking. The good thing is alot of people should be hiring this time of year.

But im done with the tears now and am trying to press on for my little family, so i took the time to revamp all of my commission examples so that i can keep doing what i do best while i await to get a call back from an interview. So if your interested please dont hesitate to email me! I have lots of spare time :-)

PS: I posted alot of new stuff in my etsy store too! If you make a purchase from there ill throw in some free ACEO cards :-) Just mention your screen name from DA!




Internet is fixed! Hoo-Hah!

So my internet is finally fixed! and its a good thing too because it was driving me bananas! here is some recent artwork iv recently finished but have not posted here. 
Next blog im posting the story boards from my movie gig! EXCITEMENT!

For deviantart fantasy contest, did not win :-/


Harry Potter, because im slowly becoming obsessed

ANOTHER Deviantart contest i did not win >.<

Logo i made for my friend Matt C


The Life of a Starving Artist - Summer Woes

The Life of a Starving Artist

Life has been interesting lately. My hours at my regular job (at a local TV station) have been cut kinda dramatically. Its strange to come home so early and be able to have some free time. At first all the extra time drove me crazy since i have not had much freelance to fill the time, but iv taken advantage of it to get back in shape and draw as much of my own stuff as i can.

Being able to do more of my own work has released alot of the financial stresses. Im just not freaking out as bad as i normally would be. I guess its because im a little happier doing more of my own drawings and becoming a better artist. Me and Tad got a Wii & Wii fit, and thats been alot of fun to explore and work out with! Soon ill be launching the new design for my website, reworking my commissions... and working on more animation for the first time in a long time.

Soon ill be posting my storyboards from my movie gig here, as well as a TON of new drawings. My internet is really f**ed up because the service signal in our area is really weak. So now i have to wait up to a week to be able to upload things properly.

I also have a ton of artwork iv done in the past few months that i ahvent uploaded here yet... gotta catch up...
and give this blog a makeover...

my "TO DO" list gets longer every day!

Anyway thats all just a little update. summer is almost over and ill be 25 soon! OMG OLD! lol

night yal

Genie Commission for "Phil V"


Life is hectic...

i got in a car accident last week... i hit someone's bumper, no one was hurt, and i was made to believe this wasnt a big deal. apparently i was wrong

it really sickens me how people try to take advantage of the system, and blow things out of proportion in order to try and ruins someone elses life... i wont go into detail, but suffice it to say im pretty pissed off and have lost my faith in mankind right now.... especially certain people in certain professions but i wont say who.

anyway, life goes on i suppose. here is some recent artwork im pretty proud of. i got stuck at one part and almost gave up, but im glad i didnt.

Im also working on updating my website... hopefully this one will finally be good enough to keep me satisfied for more then a year.

i feel like im in a funk, like i have little to look forward to. :sigh:


New Artwork "The Sand Lady 3"

Newest artwork iv been working on for weeks on end. I really needed to do something for myself even though i havent had alot of time to work on it with everything thats going on. Anyway you can find more info about this piece on its deviantart page. Below is the final and the progress animation. Youll be able to buy prints in my etsy store soon or you can buy them at My DA prints shop now!


Artist Feature : Amanda Turnage

I don't commission other artists that often, and sometimes people are curious as to why i do it at all. my mother has asked me "but... you can draw, why are you paying someone else to draw for you?" lol and the simple answer is that the artists i commission create work that i simply could not do justice to. I have a great appreciation for these people and adore their style, movement, and depictions of art. Plus its a great thing to see my characters interpreted in another light.

One of my FAVORITE artists to commission is Amanda Turnage (aka ArmadaRyu)
I have commissioned her more then any other artist actually, and every time it's a treat! What i like most about her work is the sense of innocence and  great detail with anatomy and drapery. Even when drawing horses she drapes the hair in a way that is so romantic and flowy! I might have stolen some inspiration from it XD.

Here is some of the amazing work she has done for me!


And this one is a collaboration we did, she drew the lineart and i colored it. The product was a beautiful splash of motion and fantasy!

Thank you Amanda for creating such beautiful work with my characters! I'll prob be spending money on you for many years to come ;-) lol. If you like what you see, what are you waiting for?! Go check out this girl's artwork. She has a variety of great work in her gallery from Star Treck fan art to fantasy illustrations, to scene crafted quilts! You wont be disappointed! Check out ArmadaRyu


my first movie gig...

Yup, me and my love tad will both be working on the same movie, both doing storyboards. This is a HUGE opportunity for me and im very happy and excited to be a part of the project! Ill only be working on the tail end of the story board production, but its still a great chance to get some good work and get my name out there, not to mention the fact that i love storyboarding!

i dont know how much more i can say about the movie so ill leave it at that, but no worries, ill fill you all in later!

Needless to say im gonna be MIA for a little bit, thanks to my clients for being really patient with commission work! I have the movie and a pile of graphic design freelance coming so im keeping busy. But i am making more of an effort to continue to do more of my own work. I was gonna post something new this week, but looks like ill have to postpone a bit.

SO yeah thats it for now, YAY!


New Artwork May

As may draws to a close i am really trying to push myself to draw more and get my portfolio and website back in gear. Here is some work iv finished recently...

This is a piece that i think will be a great addition to my portfolio. Its really different then my usual "cute fantasy" style. i really pushed myself here, i hope it shows. Initially the wings looked really crappy and cheap, but i was content to leave them that way, thinking "eh its good enough" but then i realized if i really want to be good at this i cant keep cutting corners so i went all out with them. here was my original attempt

Wow, see the difference? Im glad i decided to spend more time on it.
Here is a simple commission i just finished. I think it will look nice with my other "graphic design" type pieces.

Discovered this font on dafont.com, and it was a b*tch to render.

And here is my current personal project in the works, found some sweet vintage-y photos on etsy.com to reference the colors.

And here is some freelance graphic design i have done for some products. another great portfolio addition. These took A REALLY LONG TIME. so if you dont see me online much i am working, just on stuff like this.

Thats about all for now, i need to get ready to go out. Hopefully my new print shop will be opening this weekend and keep an eye out cuz my first customers get an AMAZING free gift!


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