2009 Summary of Art

As the year winds down and i prepare my long treck to snowy NJ for the holidays I made this meme :-) sorry i dont have a link to the original. it should be easy to find if you search DA ;-)

*click image for full view
Wanted to do this and take a serious look at my progress this year. I think I made some definite leaps and bounds over the end of the summer with my photoshop skills, but i like some of my character design better from the beginning of the year.

I was sadly surprised at myself at how little there was to choose from... got to draw more. add that to my list of resolutions.

This was fun :-) hoping next year ill improve even more! But i do believe this was my year for most growth artistically.

*ps: i havent finished anything i like for December yet so i put a sketch im working on ;-)


Ariel... Agian

decided to redo the full body anorexic ariel..

the first one was cool but wasnt capturing the vision i had. perhaps i will return to it one day. i want it to be more about her sorrow than her body, though her body does play a part in it.

will finish soon :-)


An amazing holiday giveaway from one of my favorite artists! i hope i win ^^


Ariel Full Body

A lot of people loved my "sick Ariel" drawing a few weeks back and suggested i do a full body version. Here is the first draft. Shes examining herself in a mirror, the statue of Prince Eric looming behind her.

More to come :-)

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