Animal sketches

Was feeling inspired yesterday and drew some cute critters!
A red fox...

And a Red Panda

I probably will finish the red fox, not sure about the panda, i tried to use the pose in the reference but his body just came out looking distorted. Anyways, happy halloween!



Congratulations! You have won your choice of 3 different Greeting cards from helloheath on etsy!

Thanks to everyone who participated, ill be posting the next giveaway for a holiday package in a  few days!


Greeting Card Giveaway!!!!!

 Everybody loves greeting cards! It's always good to have a few stashed for a rainy day, celebrations you accidentally forgot about, or something to tuck a letter in for your pen pal! "helloheath" greeting cards feature the most beautiful characters and designs! All the artwork is created by me, share the artwork you fanatically crave with your friends and family! XD

Right now im doing a giveaway to help promote these great greeting cards, and you could be the lucky duck to win your choice of any 3! Heres just a few that you could win!


To enter you must comment on this blog with your email address and letting me know which of these tasks you have completed! You can do as many as you like as many times as you like! Just leave a NEW comment for each entry. 
  • Heart my shop here
  • Include an item from my shop in a treasury!
  • Follow me on twitter here
  • Tweet about this giveaway (must include #helloheathgiveaway)
  • Fan me on facebook here
  • Follow THIS BLOG! (super easy!)
  • Add one of my blog buttons to your blog
  • Add this contest's web button to your blog
  • Purchase from my shop! (worth 5 entrys!)
There's the list! Contest runs from Wednesday October 6th to Saturday October 23rd. Winner will be announced in blog and via email. Failure to claim your prize within one week means you forfeit your winnings. Winner will be randomly selected by random number application, contestants that make a purchase will have extra entrys added on to the end of the comment list by me. There will be one winner.


New pictures Etsy tips that have worked so far...

So since im un-employed I decided to really try and get my etsy store revamped. First i took all new pictures of my prints in frames, so people could see what they would like like all set up and ready to hang in their homes. Plus in my opinion it adds "front page appeal". It's rare that I see flat artwork on the front page, I think photographing them this way allowed me to play more with angles and framing, etsy loves interesting photos on the FP.

Then i read on a forum somewhere how the first 2 words in the title and descriptions of your listings are so important, that google sees those first 2 words. It also said that you should repeat those keywords from your title in your description. im not talking about "title tag stuffing" more like, smart titling... like this listing here

Anyway, since iv revamped everything iv been getting a few hearts a day pretty steadily and it wasnt like that before. Iv also been tracking my views and hearts at statsy.org and see improvment there too...

hopefully i will have a sale soon cuz iv been unemployed for 2 weeks now... and it sucks. id really like to be able to have some real profit come from this and not just have a pretty store on the web.

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