New Commission Account

So after much thought and consideration, I have decided to create a new account for all the commissions I do that don't really fit into this gallery. I thought it would be nice to let everyone know before I move them all over :-)

I wont be checking that account all that often, so if you need to reach me this is the place to do it :-)
Please don't think im moving your work out of this gallery because I don't like it. Iv just grown and started a new look to my gallery. And I want my main gallery to reflect that.I know lots of other artists that don't even post commissions so.... consider yourself lucky ;-) This means all stories except the Terratoff one will move. I already have way too many mediums going on here 0_0
Ill still accept and keep track of all of my commissions on this account only! please dont message me at helloheath-commish with commission requests.

Give me about a week or so to get everything transferred please :-)

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