Been a While...

So i havent posted anything here in like a month.... that frightens me.

For the past few months iv been dealing with alot. emotional and financial stress, the want to be creative but the lack of time due to said financial stress, pending law suit, and a general lack luster attitude towards life.

now that i got that out of the way im slowly coming out of the cloud... i hope! lol. im not pushing my jewelry so much anymore. it was fun but i know its not where my focus needs to be. Ill be treating it more like a hobby from now on a focus on my real passion, artwork and film.

Right now im focusing on getting my portfolio, skills, and resume bulked up so that im ready to take on more projects and adventures. Im hoping that the economy will improve soon so that i can really pursue my hearts venture's such as my terratoff comic / story.

But for now i still need to stay afloat, living pay check to pay check sucks...

anyway im still here... more art on the way.

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