New Artwork May

As may draws to a close i am really trying to push myself to draw more and get my portfolio and website back in gear. Here is some work iv finished recently...

This is a piece that i think will be a great addition to my portfolio. Its really different then my usual "cute fantasy" style. i really pushed myself here, i hope it shows. Initially the wings looked really crappy and cheap, but i was content to leave them that way, thinking "eh its good enough" but then i realized if i really want to be good at this i cant keep cutting corners so i went all out with them. here was my original attempt

Wow, see the difference? Im glad i decided to spend more time on it.
Here is a simple commission i just finished. I think it will look nice with my other "graphic design" type pieces.

Discovered this font on dafont.com, and it was a b*tch to render.

And here is my current personal project in the works, found some sweet vintage-y photos on etsy.com to reference the colors.

And here is some freelance graphic design i have done for some products. another great portfolio addition. These took A REALLY LONG TIME. so if you dont see me online much i am working, just on stuff like this.

Thats about all for now, i need to get ready to go out. Hopefully my new print shop will be opening this weekend and keep an eye out cuz my first customers get an AMAZING free gift!


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