Artist Feature : Amanda Turnage

I don't commission other artists that often, and sometimes people are curious as to why i do it at all. my mother has asked me "but... you can draw, why are you paying someone else to draw for you?" lol and the simple answer is that the artists i commission create work that i simply could not do justice to. I have a great appreciation for these people and adore their style, movement, and depictions of art. Plus its a great thing to see my characters interpreted in another light.

One of my FAVORITE artists to commission is Amanda Turnage (aka ArmadaRyu)
I have commissioned her more then any other artist actually, and every time it's a treat! What i like most about her work is the sense of innocence and  great detail with anatomy and drapery. Even when drawing horses she drapes the hair in a way that is so romantic and flowy! I might have stolen some inspiration from it XD.

Here is some of the amazing work she has done for me!


And this one is a collaboration we did, she drew the lineart and i colored it. The product was a beautiful splash of motion and fantasy!

Thank you Amanda for creating such beautiful work with my characters! I'll prob be spending money on you for many years to come ;-) lol. If you like what you see, what are you waiting for?! Go check out this girl's artwork. She has a variety of great work in her gallery from Star Treck fan art to fantasy illustrations, to scene crafted quilts! You wont be disappointed! Check out ArmadaRyu

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