Art for a Good Cause :-)

Recently I had the opportunity to commission the great Viet-My Bui to create some custom art for me. The added bonus? The profits from this particular lot of commissions were going to aid Japan!
I asked her to do a Bust of Ling, I would have loved to give more but this was the most I could contribute right now.
Here is the result!
I love her interpretation of my character. I cant wait till I have the time to work on the story again, I have been talking about the story with Tad and trying to iron it down so that I can attempt to make a comic of it. I haven't done comics in a long time so... prey for me :-)
Well, thats all for now, I have lots of new artwork since my last update on my Deviant account you can check out.
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

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