Book Review "Your Career In Animation" by David B. Levy

I am going to start posting short reviews about the books I am currently reading in relation to the art industry :-) This is the first one!

Your Career in Animation
How to Survive and Thrive
by: David B. Levy

If you are an aspiring animator, and you have this book lying around un-cracked, OPEN IT NOW! This book is an amazing resource to anyone who wants to break into the animation industry.

This book offers timeless advise on many important aspects of the industry, from how to work as a freelancer, appropriate studio conduct, how to get a job, how to pitch a show, the hierarchy of the studio, how to take in and improve from critique, and how to get involved in the animation community.

"Your Career in Animation" covers so many great subjects that every new animator wonders about at some point. It will help you assess your options and provide realistic expectations for your future. It's also full of valuable resources, like information on active animation communities, and recommended reading depending on what department of animation you are interested in.

It's an easy read and is definitely written from an artistic, yet practical point of view. David's words will reassure and excite you about your career, but at the same time prepare you for the inevitable pitfalls every animator will experience.

He also talks a lot about the kind of perspective you will need to keep improving your work. Practical tips and practices artists can adopt that will make them more efficient artists and improve their work.

I don't want to give everything away, but just read the book! If you're like me, you will want to leap from your seat and begin a project right away. It's one of those books you can read over and over again and probably should. Although this book doesn't specifically give any instruction on HOW TO ANIMATE, it WILL prepare you for "Your Career in Animation".

I simply adore this book.

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