New Artwork "The Sand Lady 3"

Newest artwork iv been working on for weeks on end. I really needed to do something for myself even though i havent had alot of time to work on it with everything thats going on. Anyway you can find more info about this piece on its deviantart page. Below is the final and the progress animation. Youll be able to buy prints in my etsy store soon or you can buy them at My DA prints shop now!


Artist Feature : Amanda Turnage

I don't commission other artists that often, and sometimes people are curious as to why i do it at all. my mother has asked me "but... you can draw, why are you paying someone else to draw for you?" lol and the simple answer is that the artists i commission create work that i simply could not do justice to. I have a great appreciation for these people and adore their style, movement, and depictions of art. Plus its a great thing to see my characters interpreted in another light.

One of my FAVORITE artists to commission is Amanda Turnage (aka ArmadaRyu)
I have commissioned her more then any other artist actually, and every time it's a treat! What i like most about her work is the sense of innocence and  great detail with anatomy and drapery. Even when drawing horses she drapes the hair in a way that is so romantic and flowy! I might have stolen some inspiration from it XD.

Here is some of the amazing work she has done for me!


And this one is a collaboration we did, she drew the lineart and i colored it. The product was a beautiful splash of motion and fantasy!

Thank you Amanda for creating such beautiful work with my characters! I'll prob be spending money on you for many years to come ;-) lol. If you like what you see, what are you waiting for?! Go check out this girl's artwork. She has a variety of great work in her gallery from Star Treck fan art to fantasy illustrations, to scene crafted quilts! You wont be disappointed! Check out ArmadaRyu


my first movie gig...

Yup, me and my love tad will both be working on the same movie, both doing storyboards. This is a HUGE opportunity for me and im very happy and excited to be a part of the project! Ill only be working on the tail end of the story board production, but its still a great chance to get some good work and get my name out there, not to mention the fact that i love storyboarding!

i dont know how much more i can say about the movie so ill leave it at that, but no worries, ill fill you all in later!

Needless to say im gonna be MIA for a little bit, thanks to my clients for being really patient with commission work! I have the movie and a pile of graphic design freelance coming so im keeping busy. But i am making more of an effort to continue to do more of my own work. I was gonna post something new this week, but looks like ill have to postpone a bit.

SO yeah thats it for now, YAY!

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