General Update

So i know my blog might not be that popular or anything, but i do appreciate the people who do read it :-) hopefully i can figure out what people want to see here and make it a little more interesting :-)

Anywho, we are finally settled into our new apartment, for the most part. there is still some cleaning up to do. Mostly because we are so cramped and i dont have the space i used to for everything. but the neighborhood is so much more peaceful, it  kinda makes up for it a little.

I have been so stressed lately that some slight medical issues arose and i took a few days off my job hunt and demo reel to unwind.Now i have alot of work to catch up on eep!

My etsy sales were good for a while, but now things have quieted down. I dont seem to get much traffic unless im in the chat rooms of forums that day. its frustrating since iv spent many hours trying to perfect my shop and tags... i guess im just waiting for my "big break"

anywho, i got work to do! ill try to update this more regulary. <3 peace

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