As I kissed Tad at midnight last year, under the fireworks at Universal Studios, I had high hopes for the upcoming year, and it was a crazy one indeed...

  • Got laid off
  • Weight loss as of last year = a meager 3 pounds
  • Had to live in horrible apartment complex with monkeys running the place taking all my money at every opportunity
  • Too many computer viruses
  • A certain marriage...
  • Couldn't afford to go to Jersey many times
  • Endless drama and hard times affecting my family and friends that spill over onto me! lol
  • Almost moved into a house, but other parties let us down... even tho i kinda knew it wasnt gonna work out the whole time.
  • Did not get to spend Christmas with my family for the first time ever
So now lets end on a good note :-)

  • Unemployment money
  • Got a new smart phone
  • Worked on my first real storyboarding job for a feature film
  • Got to go to Jersey for my birthday and had some great times, especially with my mom and liz
  • Liz and Colleen came to visit me in FL
  • Won $200 on a scratch off loto ticket
  • Improved on my art somewhat
  • Got to eat monster munch for the first time in years!
  • Christmas at Disney World!!!

This year I will work hard to complete the following goals...

  •  Lose 50 pounds (crosses fingers)
  • Get amazingly good at character design and animation
  • Find the time and money to travel at least once to NJ
  • Save money to move to CA
  • Get a job actually in my industry, and not settle for something just to pay the bills
  • Keep being awesome
Happy New Year Everybody!!!

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