my first movie gig...

Yup, me and my love tad will both be working on the same movie, both doing storyboards. This is a HUGE opportunity for me and im very happy and excited to be a part of the project! Ill only be working on the tail end of the story board production, but its still a great chance to get some good work and get my name out there, not to mention the fact that i love storyboarding!

i dont know how much more i can say about the movie so ill leave it at that, but no worries, ill fill you all in later!

Needless to say im gonna be MIA for a little bit, thanks to my clients for being really patient with commission work! I have the movie and a pile of graphic design freelance coming so im keeping busy. But i am making more of an effort to continue to do more of my own work. I was gonna post something new this week, but looks like ill have to postpone a bit.

SO yeah thats it for now, YAY!

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