Determined this time...

So iv decided to stop being passive about my animation endeavors and really take the bull by the horns this year! I have been doing alot more drawing and practice lately and so you can expect to see alot more sketches and stuff here. Prob not everything tho because alot more drawings means alot more scraps!

Iv been reading one of Don Bluth's animation books, the first in my long list of must reads i have been avoiding. There was an  expression exercise with Feivel in it that I did, here is the exclusive blog highlight sepia version and then color.

Drawings by heather R hitchman
Feivel copyright Don Bluth

I think im getting the hang of drawing faster and staying close to model, i just need more practice and learn how to exaggerate even more. It's all very exciting! I don't really want to change my style to much, but add in the missing pieces to my artistic repertoire. I still have alot to learn.

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