The Black Swan

Some new artwork i completed today :-) I saw black swan last week with Tad and his bestie Brian. It was a great movie and sparked some good conversation. It was interesting to discus that since Nina had reached her idea of "perfection" the logical (SPOILER)

end to the film was for her to die. Life would seem pointless after you have achieved the one thing you have perused your entire life. Not unlike the old pilot in "The Mummy" who longs for the glory days and jumps at the chance to pilot once again, even though it means certain death. Now I understand why lieutenant Dan wanted to die in battle so badly in "Forrest Gump". Not everyone can go on living happily with new interests... I think I could. Luckily for me there is never perfection in art.

I also really related to the film because i danced for 6 years and have also gone through identity crisis issues in my past. I am very happy with how this one came out! Ill be making this design into cameo necklaces like with the owl I just did. Im trying to get these done asap becuase im really excited to post them! Anyway, thanks for looking!

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