Latest Works

This past week I've been on a "drawing animals" spree so that I can make some new cameo art necklaces for my etsy store. It's been fun to draw them but now I really miss drawing humans! I was gonna try to squeeze in one more design before my model (Sonja) comes over tomorrow to photograph them, but id rather not rush it. I'll save the fox for the next collection :-)

So here are the newest pieces i've recently completed

 This one i didn't really like all that much but everyone on facebook went "gaga" for it so i decided to go ahead and post it. Now it's grown on me a little :-)

This one is probably my favorite, i love how the eyes and general attitude came out. He looks adorable and a little bad ass at the same time :-)

This is the new "Valentines Day" design. this one will be made into greeting cards and necklaces. It was alot of fun to draw and i kinda want a print for my wall :-)

All of these are available for purchase at etsy store. The horse will be there later today. Im very excited to photograph the necklaces on a model because it will be the first time iv'e ever used one in my shop. lets hope it goes over well :-) LOVE YOU ALL!

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