Owl Pendant Necklace Giveaway

So as many of you know i have a humble etsy store known simply as "helloheath"
There are a TON of great new items there now! Especially for valentines day!! But more on that later.
One of the new items im really proud of are my new cameo necklaces!

And to CELEBRATE their arrival you have the chance to WIN a free "Winter Owl Big Eyes, Bronze Cameo Art Necklace"!
It's easy as pie to enter, just take a peek at the many ways you can enter below and have fun!

RULES: Contestants enter by using one or more of the entry methods and leaving a comment saying they have done so with their email (so i can contact you if you win!). CONTESTANTS MUST LEAVE A SEPARATE COMMENT FOR EACH ENTRY! AND PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL WITH EVERY ENTRY. If you leave all your entry notes in one comment it will only count as one entry. Contestants may not create new entry methods, if it's not on the list of entry methods then the entry is not valid. Winner is chosen randomly from all the entries, the more you enter the greater your chance to win! The winner will be contacted by email on Feb 6th and will have one week to claim their prize. If the winner fails to claim their prize then a new winner will be randomly selected out of the entries. This contest is an international contest.

ENTRY METHODS: (To enter the contest you must do at least one of the following, none in particular are required, the choice is yours!)
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  • Include my shop in a treasury link (extra entry if it makes it to FP!)
That's it! easy right? Now have fun and good luck! 

*the necklace the winner receives is not exactly the same as the one pictured, some variations may occur, the chain will be different. helloheath is no liable if the prize is lost or damaged in the mail. Prize will be shipped in standard first class, the winner may add extra insurances and protection to delivery if they choose.


Latest Works

This past week I've been on a "drawing animals" spree so that I can make some new cameo art necklaces for my etsy store. It's been fun to draw them but now I really miss drawing humans! I was gonna try to squeeze in one more design before my model (Sonja) comes over tomorrow to photograph them, but id rather not rush it. I'll save the fox for the next collection :-)

So here are the newest pieces i've recently completed

 This one i didn't really like all that much but everyone on facebook went "gaga" for it so i decided to go ahead and post it. Now it's grown on me a little :-)

This one is probably my favorite, i love how the eyes and general attitude came out. He looks adorable and a little bad ass at the same time :-)

This is the new "Valentines Day" design. this one will be made into greeting cards and necklaces. It was alot of fun to draw and i kinda want a print for my wall :-)

All of these are available for purchase at etsy store. The horse will be there later today. Im very excited to photograph the necklaces on a model because it will be the first time iv'e ever used one in my shop. lets hope it goes over well :-) LOVE YOU ALL!


The Black Swan

Some new artwork i completed today :-) I saw black swan last week with Tad and his bestie Brian. It was a great movie and sparked some good conversation. It was interesting to discus that since Nina had reached her idea of "perfection" the logical (SPOILER)

end to the film was for her to die. Life would seem pointless after you have achieved the one thing you have perused your entire life. Not unlike the old pilot in "The Mummy" who longs for the glory days and jumps at the chance to pilot once again, even though it means certain death. Now I understand why lieutenant Dan wanted to die in battle so badly in "Forrest Gump". Not everyone can go on living happily with new interests... I think I could. Luckily for me there is never perfection in art.

I also really related to the film because i danced for 6 years and have also gone through identity crisis issues in my past. I am very happy with how this one came out! Ill be making this design into cameo necklaces like with the owl I just did. Im trying to get these done asap becuase im really excited to post them! Anyway, thanks for looking!

Prints are available in my etsy store

PSSSSSST, use code 15HOLIDAY to save 15%! 


Certificate of Authenticity

I've been considering offering certificates of authenticity with my prints and necklaces for a while, and i think im going to invest in getting some made.

Here is a great thread on etsy with some simple info and tips about COA's

Im thinking of just making them like business cards but with the print info on them instead of contact info... numbering is going to be hard because i dont usually do "editions" i just print things as i need them. But i suppose its a habit ill need to get into.

anyway, just thought id share the info and get your feedback.


Determined this time...

So iv decided to stop being passive about my animation endeavors and really take the bull by the horns this year! I have been doing alot more drawing and practice lately and so you can expect to see alot more sketches and stuff here. Prob not everything tho because alot more drawings means alot more scraps!

Iv been reading one of Don Bluth's animation books, the first in my long list of must reads i have been avoiding. There was an  expression exercise with Feivel in it that I did, here is the exclusive blog highlight sepia version and then color.

Drawings by heather R hitchman
Feivel copyright Don Bluth

I think im getting the hang of drawing faster and staying close to model, i just need more practice and learn how to exaggerate even more. It's all very exciting! I don't really want to change my style to much, but add in the missing pieces to my artistic repertoire. I still have alot to learn.

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